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"The writing course for me was a profound learning experience. It was a place you
were encouraged to be creative, let it flow and write from the soul". (Louise)

"Pauline opens up a new world for you. It’s action packed for two hours. She is a first
class teacher. Content is great and she is conscientious and kind". (Rosemary)

"The Creative Writing Workshop facilitated by Pauline McNamee I would thoroughly
recommend to anyone looking to get their thoughts from mind to print. An overall
thoroughly enjoyable experience. Pauline inspired, encouraged and afforded each
participant time to share and evaluate every aspect of our writing, our reasons for
writing and our ultimate aims and ambitions. On a personal level, I have considerably
less blank pages as a result of the Creative Writing Workshop. I can’t wait for the
next one". (Lorraine)

"A wonderful experience, it recharged my batteries, an antidote to ageing, gave me so
many ideas to work on, it should be compulsory for golden oldies!" (Peter)

"The workshop was friendly and enlightening. Pauline was a great facilitator and the
group a funny, kind bunch." (Aggie)

"Pauline McNamee is an accomplished writer in her own right."

"From day one she encouraged us to write."

"She gave us permission to write "BADLY" but to write."

"She has been inspirational and very successful."

"I think that I can speak for our group when I say that we are all anxious to participate
in her next course in 2017."

"Well done Pauline.Take a bow!" (Vincent)

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